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TrustHub Registration Process Walkthrough

What is TrustHub?

TrustHub enables customers to create an identity with Twilio which can be used to unlock multiple Twilio communication services, such as SHAKEN/STIR and Branded Calls.

To set it up, you need to log in to Twilio.

After logging in, go to Programmable Messaging, then on the Dashboard, click the Begin Registration button.

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Then click the Start US A2P 10DLC registration button on the next page:

chrome dZKMTosl

After that, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Create a Business Profile

1a. Create a primary business profile
1b. Click continue

chrome nlPsMnv

1c. Provide the address and click continue

chrome FbiCjCybz

1d. Provide further business information (submit accurate and up-to-date info – IMPORTANT)
– Business Identity
– Business Type
– Business License/Tax ID
– Industry Type
– Website URL
– Business Region of Operation
– Click Continue

chrome jMNrLPKPk

1e. Provide Authorized Representative Information
– First Name
– Last Name
– Email
– Title
– Phone
– Job Position
– Click Continue

chrome yBNBHbl

1f. Notification Settings – add email

chrome LXgluIoBe

1g. Review Information and make sure it’s accurate
1h. Click Submit

chrome TSIqqsq

Step 2: Register US A2P Brand

2a. Choose the business profile you just created
2b. Click agree and then click Register

chrome SBblp

2c. Click Continue


2d. TCR (The Campaign Registry) Trust Score – Click Continue

chrome jtdrGlqVRf

Step 3: Register Campaign Use Case

3a. Select Messaging service (create/use existing)
3b. Click Continue

chrome iHkdEUGlPW

3c. Select Campaign Use Case type
3d. Provide a description of the campaign use case
3e. Provide sample messages (will depend on use case)
3f. Message contents (check all that apply)
3g. Click agree and then click Register Campaign Use Case

chrome wCFolaUK

Congratulations, you have successfully registered for US A2P Messaging capabilities by creating a Business Profile, submitting a US A2P brand, and registering a campaign use case associated with a Twilio Messaging Service!

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