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How do I add/remove a contact to my list?

To add or remove contacts to your list, log in and then go to Help. In there, you’ll find 4 ways to add contacts:

Method 1: Add A Contact Manually

Manually add the contact by typing in the First and Last Name, Email, and Phone Number:

Method 2: Import Contacts

You can bulk import contacts using a CSV file. Just click Import Contacts, click Choose File, then click Upload.

Your CSV file should be in the following format. Please make sure the Headers and Fields match:

You can also download the CSV template here:

Method 3: Add Contacts by Form

You can use a form to add a contact as well. Simply click the Copy link to form, then click the Copy button and it will copy the link to your clipboard for you to use.

Method 4: Use A Webhook To Add Contacts

You can also the webhook to add contacts. Check out this article for more information: Integrate Via Webhook With Review Grower To Add Contacts

How To Remove Contacts

To remove contacts, simply put a check next to the contact and then go to Actions, and click Delete.

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