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Make Them Feel Special: 5 Examples of Birthday Wishes for Clients

customer birthday message examples

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

It is a given fact that people love feeling cared for. Whether by a simple text message letting them know you have been thinking of them or a small gift bought a few minutes before you met, your loved ones will always appreciate the gesture. 

Clients are not the exception to this rule. They are one of the groups who exemplify how important it is to show them you care about them. 

So how do you take this to the business world? Do you email them at any time? Or send a text message just because? Well, you could do that if you wanted to. However, there are occasions in which you must be mindful of reaching out to clients, and birthdays are one of those occasions. 

Personalized Messages in the Business World

As you probably know, showing a more human side to your business can be beneficial. For starters, it allows you to build a relationship with your clients based on loyalty. 

Maybe this client has acquired your products or services just two or three times, and yet you take the time to send them a personalized message. A nice motivational message, or warm holiday wishes, can make your business stay in their mind. They will know your establishment takes the time to care for its customers. 

There are multiple ways to approach these messages, and now’s the time to wonder if birthdays are an occasion you want to send personalized messages in. 

Should I Send Birthday Messages to My Clients?

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The short answer is: Of course! Clients like getting birthday greetings just like everyone else does. Wishing your customers a happy birthday provides an opportunity to start building or strengthening relationships. You can also use this as a chance to give discounts or special promotions, which would result in the possibility of sales. 

Look at it from another perspective: we all have been customers. You probably felt great when you got warm wishes on your special day, right? This message could cause the same reaction from your customers. 

Happy Birthday Messages: The First Steps

Of course, creating birthday wishes for your clients is not the world’s toughest task, but it does require you to keep it professional and friendly. You don’t want to seem impersonal, almost like a robot, but you don’t want to send a message that could be seen as inappropriate, as it could look like a message you would send to one of your best friends. 

Try keeping your happy birthday wishes as warm and human as possible. You want them to sound like your company is filled with joy to celebrate another year of their lives. Here are some things you can be mindful of when creating your birthday wishes for clients and customers. 

Know How You Will Send Them the Greeting

There are a few ways you can use to make your best wishes reach your clients: 

  • Text messages: This channel is a fantastic way of sending happy birthday wishes to your clients. There are a few drawbacks that come with it, though. One of its drawbacks is that your text will have to be a short one. Furthermore, there are chances of your messages getting marked as spam.
  • Emails: This method is one of the most beneficial channels to send your wishes. You can personalize it as much as you want, add as much text as you think necessary, add your preferred designs, and more. However, your client could scroll past it without realizing it. 
  • Phone calls: You can use phone calls to send your sincerest wishes, but this method might not be as effective as the others. Likely, customers will not answer your call. 
  • Postcards: Getting mail is not as common these days, but your client could appreciate the effort your business puts into wishing them a wonderful birthday. 

Choose the one you believe works best for what you want to achieve through these personalized messages. 

Be Friendly, Be Professional

As you read above, you don’t want to sound impersonal, like a robot. A simple “Happy birthday” would almost seem like an automated message rather than a birthday wish. 

Alternatively, you don’t want to send them a message that could come across as disrespectful or inappropriate. Remember: you want to sound friendly but must keep it professional. If there is space for it, consider adding a spec of humor or a local joke if appropriate for the context. 

Don’t Be a Stranger

Let your customers know who is sending them the greeting. You are using these messages to promote your business and improve your relationship with clients, so if you happen to create a message that does not have anything identifying your business, it would lose its purpose. 

Add your business logo at the end of the message, or start by stating your company is the one sending the wishes. 

Be Right on Time

It would make no sense to get a birthday wish three weeks after it happened, right? At the same time, it wouldn’t make sense to get a birthday greeting two weeks before. Try to find an appropriate time window that works for you and the goal of the message. 

Maybe a few days, no more than three or four, could be a beneficial time window for you. 

Add Some Surprises, if Possible

Some establishments create discounts or promotions around certain holidays. Consider adding a discount code to your greeting card, or make their birthday celebration a special occasion by offering a product with a significant discount. For example, if you own a café, maybe have a discount on a popular beverage for the birthday person. If you own a beauty salon, offer a discount on your blowdries. 

Creating Professional Birthday Wishes for Clients

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We gave you the tips, now, let’s head into the examples. 

As you craft your birthday messages, it’s important to strike the right tone and avoid making them sound like advertisements. While you’re undoubtedly promoting your business, the focus should be on conveying genuine well-wishes rather than overt marketing pitches. However, adding a personal touch to your messages can make them more memorable and meaningful. Consider including a thoughtful gift, such as a modern watch or Wallpics Canvas Prints, to show your appreciation for their loyalty and support. This gesture not only enhances the birthday greeting but also serves as a tangible token of your gratitude.

Next, make sure your messages are truly personalized. Look at these examples as a guide instead of a starting point. The more life you give to your wishes, the better the effect it will have on your business. 

Idea #1

Having a wonderful client like you is a treasure. Today, we celebrate the joy of having you as part of our family. We wish you a fantastic birthday! 

This type of birthday wish can let your client know you appreciate having them as a customer. It also sends them a short but warm message that celebrates their lives. 

Idea #2

Happy birthday to the best client ever! May every day of your life be as special as today! We wish you prosperity and hope our warmest wishes reach and find you well. 

Here, you aren’t just showing you want to send them good wishes but also reflect a sentiment of care for their physical and mental health.

Idea #3

A fruitful professional relationship requires wonderful clients like you. We wish you a happy birthday and hope you accomplish all that you aspire to. 

This could be a wonderful way to enhance the importance of a client for you. It promotes your business, but it does so in a subtle way.

Idea #4

From the (business name) family, we would like to wish you a very happy birthday! May your life be as special as today!

You might want to keep it short but kind. A simple but beautifully written birthday wish can hold as much power as a long paragraph. 

Idea #5

Your support over the years has been essential for the success of our business. Today, we celebrate your life and thank you for choosing us. Wishing you the best birthday ever, we hope you enjoy your day! 

Use this example when sending wishes to important clients or when you want to highlight how thankful you are to have them as your customers. It can be a helpful way of cementing your business relationship while celebrating their day. 

The Importance of Sending Birthday Wishes for Your Business Reputation

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Sending business birthday cards, whether physical or online, is an excellent way of not only promoting your business but increasing its reputation. 

Imagine this scenario: if you send birthday wishes to clients, chances are they will mention it to someone. And maybe, that person could head to search engines like Google to find out more about your establishment. That would result in an increasement in your SEO rankings. 

Using personalized messages is a way of building relationships with your clients, it’s a way of ensuring you care for your customers, and it also helps get your business name out there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Ask Clients for Their Birthday?

There are many ways you can get a client’s birthday. You can ask them directly, letting them know about the greetings system you have. If it’s the case, and your business needs clients’ information, you will get access to their birthday data without extra effort. 

How Do You Manage Client Birthdays?

Once you have the information required, you can start planning how to manage the birthdays. First, you can use a calendar like Google Calendar to help you keep a detailed schedule of the data. Next, design templates that you can use on multiple occasions according to your brand’s image. You can also create templates of birthday messages that you can personalize each time. 

What Is a Good Corporate Birthday Message?

We talked about sending birthday wishes to clients and customers, but what about your employees? 

Enhance the importance of your employees for your company. You could start your message with a “Today is great to let you know how valuable you are to our business…” Thank them for their effort and consider adding a phrase such as “We needed people like you to build helpful systems for our business” or “It is thanks to you that our company name shines.”

Final Thoughts

As you saw above, sending birthday messages can help you show your clients how valuable they are to your company and is an excellent way of promoting it.

Consider making special birthday wishes for your clients as a form of building a connection with the people who believe in your products or services. Using the customer birthday message examples you read can help you create beautiful custom birthday greeting messages. 

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