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Sitejabber VS Trustpilot

Which is better: Sitejebber or Trustpilot? Compare the review platforms head-to-head, and learn their similarities and differences.

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Sitejabber, which refers itself itself as “the Yelp for websites and online businesses,” was established in San Mateo, California, in 2008. They primarily serve the North American market. They assist businesses in establishing trust with their customers because they are a consumer-facing review site. By asking your clients to rate you and confirming that the rating is from a legitimate person, their service benefits you.

The Sitejabber tools are unique in that they allow for unlimited review gathering, in contrast to most review platforms that have limits based on their price plans. The site further asserts that you, as a business, are the sole owner of any reviews created on its platform, and like other services of a similar nature, it takes a hard stand against phony and fraudulent reviews.


Trustpilot is a Danish business that primarily targets the European and North American markets. It was established in 2007. They are one of the biggest and most well-known consumer-facing review sites in the world with more than 500 staff.

It costs nothing to build a company profile on Trustpilot, but once one is made, it cannot be deleted. With a procedure by which businesses can report reviews for additional examination, the organization has a strong stance on the veracity of the reviews on its site. The final say always rests with Trustpilot (not the business), and according to their agreements, they are not required to provide any justification for their choices.

Head-to-Head Comparison


Sitejabber features a potent set of tools that aid companies in managing their internet reviews. They are a wonderful choice for businesses looking for a flexible solution that doesn’t get too expensive as they grow (along with a monthly contract!) because of their fairly priced service. However, the 48-hour resolution window they provide for their Enterprise plan does raise concerns about their lesser tiers’ response times. Overall, Sitejabber does provide a highly competitive option to assist businesses in gaining customer trust through reviews.

You can profit from the positive brand recognition that Trustpilot has gained among consumers thanks to its excellent review platform. Although they charge for their service, they provide a strong selection of Product and Company reviews that meet all the requirements. Remember that Trustpilot owns the reviews posted on their site and forbids you from exporting them to a rival service if you so choose.

Why Use Review Grower To Manage Your Sitejabber and Trustpilot Reviews

Direct Contact With The Founders & Developers

Customer support can be very frustrating as a software customer. Getting customer support reps who understand the software, and also understand a marketers wants, needs and use cases is very very difficult. At review grower when you contact us via live chat theres about a 90% chance you’ll be speaking with a co founder, and a developer of the platform. So rest assured our support will be better, we understand your use cases better, can help you make the most of the platform, and last but not least can understand where your provided use case could lead to a new feature or improvement to Review Grower. 

Product Being Updated Non-Stop

The reputation management software companies out there belong largely in 2 buckets. Those who are innovating and always adding to their platforms and those that are not. Review Grower is pushing the boundaries of whats possible, and pushing new features, and customer suggestions live to the platform each and every week since its launch! 


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