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Wheelchair Repair Service Reputation Management

In our data study we searched for the key phrase Wheelchair Repair Service in New York City, and then repeated this for the other top 199 most populated cities in the United States. We then analyzed Wheelchair Repair Service Google Business (previously: Google My Business) Profiles to understand the Industry. How many reviews do you need? How many reviews do you need to rank in the top 3 of Google? And much more.

Average Number Of Reviews For All Wheelchair Repair Service Companies

After conducting a thorough analysis of Wheelchair Repair Service Google My Business profiles in the top 200 most populated cities in the United States, we found that the average number of reviews for all companies in this category is 30. This means that most companies have received at least 30 reviews from their customers. However, it is important to note that there is a wide range of review counts among these companies, with some having as few as 4 reviews and others having as many as 500. This suggests that there is a significant variation in the level of engagement and satisfaction among customers of wheelchair repair service companies across the country. Further research is needed to understand the factors that contribute to this variation and to identify best practices for managing online reputation in this industry.

Average Number Of Reviews Of The Wheelchair Repair Service Companies Ranked In The Top 3 Of Google

After conducting a thorough data study on the Wheelchair Repair Service industry in the United States, it was found that the average number of reviews for companies ranked in the top 3 of Google varied greatly across different cities. Houston had the highest average number of reviews at 136, followed closely by Phoenix with 125. San Jose and New York had averages of 110 and 97 respectively, while Philadelphia had an average of 56. San Antonio, Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, and Los Angeles had averages ranging from 32 to 24. These findings suggest that the reputation management landscape for Wheelchair Repair Service companies is highly competitive, with some cities having significantly more reviews than others. It also highlights the importance of having a strong online presence and actively managing customer reviews for businesses in this industry.

Cities With The Highest Amount Of Wheelchair Repair Service Google Reviews

After analyzing the Google My Business profiles of Wheelchair Repair Services in the top 200 most populated cities in the United States, we found that Garland, Long Beach, Ontario, Salt Lake City, and Washington had the highest amount of Google reviews. With 5065 reviews, Garland took the top spot, followed closely by Long Beach with 4431 reviews. Ontario and Salt Lake City had 1925 and 1834 reviews respectively, while Washington rounded out the top five with 1034 reviews. Other cities that made the top ten include Cary, Fontana, Lancaster, Pomona, and Winston-Salem. It’s interesting to note that these cities are spread out across the country, indicating that wheelchair repair services are in demand in various regions. The high number of reviews also suggests that customers are actively seeking out and engaging with these businesses, highlighting the importance of reputation management for wheelchair repair services.